Face and Body Treatment

Starting with a back cleanse and exfoliation, restoring clarity to the skin. Then a stress relieving back and scalp massage to pinpoint areas of tension, bringing relief to tired or aching muscles. Finally a cleansing facial to leave skin bright, supple and refreshed.

Back Treatment

 This treatment is perfectly suited for problem skin on the back. Cleanse, exfoliation, mask and extraction if necessary leave the skin refined and refreshed. A course of treatments are sometimes recommended.

male grooming massage pedicure

Traditional Massage.

A medium pressure massage used to aid relaxation, stimulate circulation and remove toxic build-up. An excellent choice if you simply need to unwind.

Hot Stone massage

 Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed basalt stones are used to maximize the therapeutic benefit. Deeply soothing, with a longer lasting effect.

Couples Massage

Book any massage and save  when booked in the same time slot. Enjoy the atmosphere and lasting effects of a soothing treatment. Treat your partner, friend or relative and enjoy the experience together.

couples massage 2


Face & Eyes

Dermalogica Prescription Facial

 Our Men’s facials offer solutions for all skin types. Treat yourself to a therapy session that will treat your skin effectively and answer any skin related questions you may have.

Eyebrow Shaping

 The eyebrows shape and define the face. Thorough preparation is followed by plucking or waxing to ensure exact results. A full consultation followed by a gentle thinning out and refinement of shape.

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Between Brows

Say goodbye to the monobrow! We gently and subtly remove the hair between the brows for a natural finish.

Eyebrow/Eyelash Tinting

 Ideal for anyone who has fair eyebrows/lashes. An effective way to enhance and define the eyes.

male brow and nasal waxing


Hair Scalp & Shave

Hair Cut & Finish

This treatment offers a consultation, followed by a shampoo and conditioner incorporating a scalp massage, followed by your hair cut and chosen finish.

Dry Cut

This treatment is great for shorter styles with very little styling required.

beardy benreturns


Hair, Scalp & Shave

Tips for a Better Shave

  • Shower first. The moisture and warmth from your shower will pre-soften your skin and beard, making it easier to get a close shave.
  • Banish the bumps. Razor bumps and ingrown hairs form when hair emerges from one hair follicle, turns, then enters an adjacent follicle. Using an exfoliating cleanser such as Daily Clean Scrub will help clear buildup on the skin, keeping razor bumps and ingrown hairs at bay. (If you have sensitive skin, try exfoliating at night and shaving in the morning.)

For more expert tips please click here

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Hands & Feet

Ultimate Pedicure

This pedicure is the complete package and will leave your feet feeling smooth and refreshed. Includes smoothing of the feet, trimming of the toenails, exfoliation, mask and massage.

Maintenance Pedicure

Following on from the ultimate pedicure, when booked every 5 weeks or less, the maintenance pedicure is great value for money while keeping your feet healthy.

male grooming massage pedicure 4


Hands & Feet

Ultimate Manicure

 Present a more professional image with this treatment. With outstanding results that are long lasting, the Ultimate manicure will smooth, and deeply moisturise rough skin. We will perform a meticulous manicure including trimming and buffing your nails, and moisturising and tidying your cuticles, finishing with a relaxing hand massage.

a man is getting manicure in salon

Sports/Diagnostic Pedicure

 This foot treatment is for when your toenails and feet have taken the toll of your sporting pastimes. This pedicure is suitable for you if you suffer from athlete’s foot, damaged toenails and/or calluses. We can also rebuild or hold together a missing or split toenail, please see our section on Toenail Rebuilds.

Foot Care

Sport Manicure

 For immaculate hands that make a good impression, this time efficient manicure will leave your hands looking smart, clean and professional.



Male Face & Body Waxing

Historically, having hair was a sign of masculinity; however, in modern times body hair has become a nuisance for many men. For reasons of hygiene, aesthetics and fashion, male grooming is fast becoming a popular addition to salons service offerings. Many men start with facial waxing such as ears, nasal and brows. The hair in this area gets more prolific with age, and clipping or burning it off at the barber’s means it will reappear within the week. Waxing will mean hair free areas for weeks. The other popular area is back and chest waxes, especially in the holiday season.

male body waxing

Male Intimate Waxing

Trimming and shaving, although popular for intimate areas are problematic for most men. Waxing techniques and products have improved immensely in the last few years. We are highly trained by the Waxperts brand and we also educate other professionals in our academy. With an immense amount of experience, we use techniques that are painless, fast and extremely hygienic.  

male waxing from brows to toes


Male Body Hair Clipping

If there are areas that you do not want smooth, we will trim that area and blend it into your newly waxed area. Blending is a combination of trimming and wax techniques. This leaves a much more natural finish to any area of waxing.

Pre and Post Waxing care

  • Avoid trimming or shaving the parts that has to be/are waxed

  • In the 24 hours following a body wax, only take cool showers and avoid scented washes and all body sprays

  • Avoid wearing perfumes to avoid any kind of irritation

  • Take a gap of at least 5 weeks between two waxing sittings

  • Consider avoiding gym, sauna, running, sun and steam for at least 2 days after waxing

waxing and trimming