Bodylines use one of the world’s most renowned brands for all nail treatments, CND.

Our highly trained team will design and personalise your treatments based on your nail condition, lifestyle and fashion preferences.

We are comfortable creating classic timeless nail styles as well as the most up to date trends that you are likely to see, in fact, we are likely to start new trends!

Our levels of knowledge and hygiene will not be equalled anywhere, and we are the place to come if you have any problems with your finger or toe nails.

We are the largest and most qualified nail salon in the UK, winning UK Nail Salon of the Year 3 times.


The Right Nails for You

Your Choice – Our Knowledge Bodylines can offer you a vast choice of hand and foot treatments that we can customise to suit your needs. By answering the following 3 questions, we can help you choose the correct treatment for you. This is how you build your treatment: 1. Do you need added length? 2. Do you want to add Colour? 3. Do you want to add a pamper? 1: If you need added length, we will use our knowledge to decide on the best system for you out of • Liquid and Powder (Acrylic) • Brisa (Hard gel) If you do not need added length, you can move onto question 2

2: If you require colour, depending on your nail type and the commitment that you want to make, we will help you choose from • Vinylux- Weekly wear, fashion forward colours • CND Shellac- 14 day’s flawless wear, limitless possibilities. • “Art Attack” (embellishment, engraving; embossing). 3: Lastly, you may decide to add some pamper to your treatment and upgrade to one of the following • Classic upgrade- “it’s all about the skin” • Luxury upgrade – “facial for the hands and feet” Check out our full treatment menu for all of your choices in these 3 categories. Not forgetting that it is us that will help you to choose. Lastly, you can choose the atmosphere for your treatment. Our Nail area downstairs has a vibrant social feel to it, while upstairs in our Hand & Foot Spa, there is peace and quiet with tranquil music for our Spa Manicures and Pedicures.


Natural Hands & Feet

Natural Nail treatments have come a long way in the last 30 years.
At Bodylines, we offer as many different options for Natural Nails as we do Enhanced nails.

Flaunt your creativity and bring your Nails to life with CND® colour coating systems – find the one that suits you and your lifestyle best!
Before any of our treatments, you will be asked to fill out a Lifestyle and Nail heath questionnaire. This will enable us to suggest the correct treatment for your Nails.

Our Mini treatments are designed for when you are short on time or for a quick refresh of colour.

Our Classic treatments are everything that you would expect to maintain the health and beauty of your Hands and Feet on a regular basis.

Our Luxury treatments are for treating yourself or others to the best of the best, even if it is every month, why not!

CND Nails, Bodylines in Sittingbourne


Problem Nails

Here at Bodylines, we specialise in the treatment of problem nails. Over the years, we have encountered lots of different nail problems, and we have had success with many of them.

If you suffer from any problem with your nails, give us a call and we will be glad to help you find a solution.

Everyone deserves lovely nails; we can give them to you!

Bitten Nails
This is a difficult habit to break. People do notice your hands and nails and it can really boost someone’s confidence if their usually bitten nails are more presentable. Depending on the severity of the nails, we will offer one of two solutions.
• We will either apply very short and thin enhancements for immediate effect which would be rebalanced every 7 days until the natural nail has grown up a little.
• Or we would recommend a “recovery programme” until we could apply the enhancements.

In our experience, as soon as the enhancements are on, the habit of biting becomes less intense.

This disorder can sometimes affect the nail bed and plate. It makes the nail grow in a distorted manner with pitting and extreme ridges. After consultation and observation, a thin overlay will be applied and rebalanced every 7 days. If the psoriasis wasn’t too severe Shellac would be a better option as it self-levels into the unevenness of the nail plate for a pleasing effect

*For Toenail Rebuiding and Diagnostic Pedicure see Advanced pedicures page

Severe Dehydration
There are many reasons why natural nails become severely dehydrated. Sometimes it could be ill health or medication, but the biggest reason for dehydration is external influences i.e. not wearing gloves when doing cleaning or gardening. If you are about to put your hands into something that you are not prepared to clean your face in, put your gloves on! Even though dehydrated nails struggle to keep nail enamel on, it can sometimes be a mistake to try something stronger. We would recommend our “recovery programme” until the nails showed enough improvement to move them onto something else.


Advanced Pedicure Services

Sometimes feet need a little help to look and feel great An average salon pedicure is fine for average feet. This is why we offer an Advanced Pedicure alongside our traditional pedicures. When you are new to our Pedicure services, you will fill out a consultation form to determine whether you would benefit from one of our Advanced Pedicure services. Diagnostic pedicure – This pedicure is similar to our classic pedicure, but is carried out by our more qualified therapists. It leaves the feet healthy and smooth, but also addresses issues such as ingrown toenails; corns; extreme hard skin or calluses.  advance-pedicure

Toenail Rebuilds For a number of reasons, some people do not have a toenail or they have a damaged toenail. Whether because of fungal infections or loss of all or part of the toenail through injury, surgery or exercise, not having the full set can be frustrating 🙁 CND Brisa gel’s flexibility and unique adhesive properties mean that good results can even be achieved even where there is virtually no toe nail remaining. This process is also effective for correcting ridges and deformities, for hiding discolouration and for protecting toe nails while they grow out. Once we have rebuilt your toenail, it can have a natural finish, especially suited to male clients; or we can apply Vinylux enamel or CND Shellac in French, colour or even some nail art. 


Why Shellac?

– 14 Day Wear
– Mirror Finish that lasts the whole 2 weeks.
– Instantly Dry, so no smudging it as you leave the salon!
– No Nail Damage (Really!)

CND’s power polish has literally taken over the industry since it was launched in May 2010. Shellac is applied just like a polish, is instantly dry and really does come off in minutes!
Shellac acts like a pair of rubber gloves on your nails. It stays flexible yet tough, which makes it suitable for both brittle nails prone to splitting and breaking as well as weak nails that struggle to grow.
Shellac is designed for the natural nail client who simply can’t keep polish on for more than a few days or who ends smudging them even before they leave the salon!
With over 150 colours available (including French) there is something for everyone as the possibilities are endless using glitters, layering and special effects.
Shellac removal is quick and easy using a professional technique whilst causing no damage to the natural nail.

CND Shellac nail colours, Bodylines Sittingbourne


Enhanced Nails

We are experts in enhancing natural nails. Sometimes a little extra length is required and we use the free form sculpting technique to extend either all or just a few of your nails.
Sometimes your nails are the length you love, but they need the added resilience that a thin coating of either L&P or gel can offer. After completing a nail health and lifestyle questionnaire, we will help you decide if this is the coating that you need.

For those of you who need length, but enjoy wearing colour and regularly like to ring the changes, we can add length and strength in a custom blended coating that can be worn with just a high gloss top coat or you can choose between Vinylux, Shellac or Art Attack to add the wow factor. This is also a good option for camouflaging inconsistencies on your natural nails.

This look requires no other coating. The chosen French or glitter tip is sculpted into the product and stays flawless in between appointments

Enhanced-nails, Bodylines in Sittingbourne in Kent


Enhanced Nails

This is a technique that Liza started developing 20 years ago. The first step involves the extension of the nail bed to camouflage short or bitten nails, and the attachment of the “end” in the second step to add length. The 1st step uses a blend of opaque and translucent powders in colours to match your skin tone. The 2nd step can be any length or shape, and can be as natural or extravagant as you like. The 2-step nails are created in either 1 colour mix which can include glitter or in a 3D cocktail of gorgeousness!

These 3D “Haute Couture” nails are mixed up especially for you and are designed to go with an outfit or occasion. They involve the 2-Step technique, but also include the precise placement of 3D items into the 2nd step. These are the best of the best of nails, and only our most skilled nail professionals have been trained in this technique. The price reflects the time it can take to create these works of art.

cnd added length 3D encapsulated


Luxury Spa Treats

Spa treatments aren’t just about the Face & Body..

Take a journey with us to find your “happy hands and feet!”

A soothing menu to soothe & indulge you, time after time.
Feel reborn with your spirit satisfied.

We will customise the treatments to suit your mood on the day of your visit to us.

We will take care of all of your senses.
Our Spa room is upstairs in a noise free area, only soothing music to keep you calm and as happy as your feet will be.

Bright Citron or Gardenia Woods SpaManicure -1 hour
Bright Citron or Gardenia Woods SpaPedicure -1 hour 20 mins.



Shellac After Care

Shellac is designed to be a two week wear product. There are however, a number of factors that can affect this wear time.
Lifestyle can play a big part, being heavy handed, using nails as tools etc.

It is important to wear gloves for washing up & doing housework. Shellac is as you know a soak off product, this means that by not protecting your nails with gloves when using chemicals, washing up liquid etc, nails will in fact absorb some of these properties and as such this causes the Shellac to loosen, leading to chipping & peeling.
It is important to use Solar oil daily to ensure the Shellac coating and your nails stay hydrated. By not doing so, the Shellac becomes brittle and this can lead to chipping and peeling.

Shellac is applied professionally and needs to be removed professionally. Picking it off or attempting to remove it yourself is very likely to cause surface damage to your natural nails. If anything comes loose, please contact us asap. If the Shellac is removed by yourself, you reduce the options we can offer to rectify the situation.
Avoid excessive heat for the 1st 24 hours after application, e.g. sunbeds and saunas.

Following the above will help you to achieve the expected two week wear time & if you’re lucky, you may even surpass it slightly…remember Nails are Jewels Not Tools!

Due to Shellac’s porosity, some colours can fade in extreme conditions.
• Extreme temperatures
• Sea (Salt water)
• Pool (Chlorine)
• Some suntan lotions (alcohol content)
• Mosquito repellent (alcohol content)
Not everyone will witness any problems, our experience has shown us that it is a cocktail of these things that sometimes cause problems.

Our advice is to apply sunscreen as usual but use a baby wipe to wipe off any excess product from your nails, and apply Solar oil.
The use of solar oil on holiday is as important as looking after your hair and skin.
Skin- suntan lotion and after sun
Hair- leave in conditioners & a hat
Nails- lots of solar oil


Enhancement After Care

• Our enhancements will still be curing (firming up) for 24 hours after you leave the salon. You really need to use your Solar Oil on them 3/4 times on that 24 hour period, then at least twice a day every day. This helps to avoid brittleness and possible cracking.

Please be careful with them in this timeframe.

• If you have had length added to your nails, please make sure that you approach things a little more slowly than usual.
Please remember if your new nails are longer than before, you will not be able to press things with the end of your finger; it will be your new nail that comes into contact 1st!

• If you do have an accident and crack or break one or more of your enhancements, contact us immediately and if necessary send us a photo.

We will make sure that your broken nail is mended as soon as possible. (There is likely a small charge for repairs)
If you remove your nail/s before we can see them, there is nothing that we can do in that situation. You will be charged full price to replace any nails that you remove yourself.

girl .jpg


Myths & Truths

• Don’t cut cuticles. The skin surrounding the nail should be intact. This skin protects the new nail growth and the use of a cuticle treatment like CND Cuticle Eraser will exfoliate this area, eradicating the need to trim the skin. It contains AHA fruit acids and botanicals that will, when used every night for 7 nights, reduce the thickness and soften and nourish the area. If you cut your cuticles, it’s like picking a scab, the scab will come back bigger and if you persist with picking it, it will scar. This is because the body thinks it’s under attack and it produces skin that you can’t pick off i.e. scar tissue!

• When removing dark nail enamel, apply a coat of Solar Oil first. This will stop the colour staining the surrounding skin. Use a plastic backed pad with remover on it and place it on top of the enamel to be removed. Apply pressure for a few seconds, this will soften the enamel and allow you to wipe it off toward the edge of the nail. Do not rub back and forth as this will spread the colour onto the skin. When you have removed the worst of it, use a clean pad and clean round all of the nails.

• If your nails are showing signs of peeling and flaking, it is a sign that the nails need to be nourished and hydrated. The best product for this job is CND Solar Oil. Not only does it contain jojoba, sweet almond and rice bran oils but also vitamin E. This blend is unique in that it is the ONLY nail oil or cream that will penetrate enamel or gel or L&P (acrylic). It should be applied and rubbed into the nails twice a day. You wouldn’t think twice about putting you facial moisturiser on twice a day now, or conditioning your hair? And your face and your hair don’t do the dishes or the gardening!

• What is a rebalance? Much like having your roots maintained when you colour your hair, when you have enhancements on your nails you need to have regular rebalances. This will protect the health and beauty of the enhanced nail as the natural nail grows. Our product does not “age” so it is unnecessary to remove your enhancements every 2 or 3 appointments to have a “fresh” set.

• Arent stick on tips stronger than sculpted nails? This is a well known myth and it is only said by people that do not have the skill set to use free form sculpting forms! We are trained to use either method but will only usually use tips when the nail is extremely bitten.

• Can you get skin cancer from a UV gel lamp? NO, this has been researched heavily by independent scientists. Without blinding you with science, the bandwidth that is used to trigger the photo initiators in the gel products is miles away from the bandwidth used in tanning beds. There is a huge spectrum of UV light and it has been stated that you would need to have a gel manicure once a week for 200 years to achieve the same amount of exposure to UV light in just ONE sunbed session!