Experience the highest quality of professional treatments, combined with the customer service and personalisation of the salon that you know, with a beautifully peaceful atmosphere of our new spa lounge. After extensive customer research, we designed the spa lounge to fulfil the needs of our customers that had found day spas that they had visited had been over priced and lacking in the quality of the treatments. Ours is a town spa, where you will be treated with luxury, but only pay for the treatments that you have. When in the spa room the outside world will disappear, no phone, no children, no work, just you and your chosen treatments.



Care of the body and relaxation of the mind through massage is an ancient art, with its value proven over centuries for dispelling the cares and tensions of everyday life. Massage Therapy in all its forms has a role to play in many chronic conditions, particularly those that nobody understands. Conditions such as arthritis and osteoporosis have no cure; the medical profession and drugs can do no more. By reducing muscle spasm and encouraging the body back into balance, other conditions may dissipate and disappear. Confidence returns, life improves and everyone around benefits. The therapist is primarily concerned with general massage, where all areas of the body can be manipulated to different degrees, to bring about relaxation which eases physical and mental tension. By altering the combination of movements a more stimulating effect can be created, which leaves the client feeling toned and invigorated, rather than relaxed and sleepy. Physiological benefits include; nourishment of the skin and all its structures, stimulation and strengthening of muscle fibres, blood and lymph circulation improvement, elimination of waste, increases glandular activity, pain relief, aids relaxation. And any form of massage makes you feel good!


Hot Stone massage

Hot stone massage is a natural therapy in which warmed basalt stones are used to maximize the therapeutic benefit. Deeply soothing, with a longer lasting effect.


Swedish Full Body

Swedish massage is a great introduction to massage, very beneficial on a regular basis to alleviate stress and aching muscles.


Couples Massage

Enjoy the atmosphere and lasting effects of a soothing treatment. Treat your partner, friend or relative and enjoy the experience together.


Indian Head Massage

This ancient therapy is designed to rebalance the body and relax the tired muscles in your back, shoulders, arms and head. A relaxing treatment involving firm but gently rhythmic movements. This treatment stimulates hair folicules promoting healthy hair growth, improves concentration and clears the mind.


Touch Therapies

Massages designed to extend the treatment time of any of our beauty and spa treatments. Choose from scalp, face, neck & shoulders, back, hands & arms, or feet. These therapies allow you to customise your treatment.

Face and Body Treatment

This extensive treatment starts with a back cleanse and exfoliation, leaving the skin smooth and refreshed. Then a stress relieving back and scalp massage in areas of tension, bringing relief to tired or aching muscles. Finally a cleansing facial to leave the skin bright, supple and refreshed.


Back treatment

 This treatment is perfectly suited for problem skin on the back. Cleanse, exfoliation, mask and extraction if necessary leave the skin refined and refreshed. A course of treatments are sometimes recommended.

Full Body Exfoliation