• Don’t cut cuticles. The skin surrounding the nail should be intact. This skin protects the new nail growth and the use of a cuticle treatment like CND Cuticle Eraser will exfoliate this area, eradicating the need to trim the skin. It contains AHA fruit acids and botanicals that will, when used every night for 7 nights, reduce the thickness and soften and nourish the area. If you cut your cuticles, its like picking a scab, the scab will come back bigger and if you persist with picking it, it will scar. This is because the body thinks its under attack and it produces skin that you cant pick off ie scar tissue!
  • When removing dark nail enamel, apply a coat of Solar Oil first. This will stop the colour staining the surrounding skin. Use a plastic backed pad with remover on it and place it on top of the enamel to be removed. Apply pressure for a few seconds, this will soften the enamel and allow you to wipe it off toward the edge of the nail. Do not rub back and forth as this will spread the color onto the skin. When you have removed the worst of it, use a clean pad and clean round all of the nails.
  • If your nails are showing signs of peeling and flaking, it is a sign that the nails need to be nourished and hydrated. The best product for this job is CND Solar Oil. Not only does it contain jojoba, sweet almond and rice bran oils but also vitamin E. This blend is unique in that it is the ONLY nail oil or cream that will penetrate enamel or gel or L&P (acrylic). It should be applied and rubbed into the nails twice a day. You wouldn’t think twice about putting you facial moisturiser on twice a day now, or conditioning your hair? And your face and your hair don’t do the dishes or the gardening!