Everyone Deserves Lovely Nails

Problem Nails


Here at Bodylines, we specialise in the treatment of problem nails. Over the years, we have encountered lots of different nail problems, and we have had success with many of them. Below are some of them, however, if you have any nail problems that aren’t listed, please come in and show us.


This is a difficult habit to break. People do notice your hands and nails and it can really boost someone’s confidence if their usually bitten nails are more presentable. Depending on the severity of the nails, we will offer one of two solutions.

  • We will either apply very short and thin enhancements for immediate effect which would be rebalanced every 7 days until the natural nail has grown up a little.
  • Or we would recommend a “recovery programme” until we could apply the enhancements.

In our experience, as soon as the enhancements are on, the habit of biting becomes less intense.


This disorder can sometimes affect the nail bed and plate. It makes the nail grow in a distorted manner with pitting and extreme ridges. After consultation and observation, a thin overlay will be applied and rebalanced every 7 days. If the psoriasis wasn’t too severe Shellac would be a better option as it self levels into the unevenness of the nail plate for a pleasing effect.


There are many reasons why natural nails become severely dehydrated. Sometimes it could be ill health or medication, but the biggest reason for dehydration is external influences ie. not wearing gloves when doing cleaning or gardening. If you are about to put your hands into something that you are not prepared to clean your face in, put your gloves on! Even though dehydrated nails struggle to keep nail enamel on, it can sometimes be a mistake to try something stronger. We would recommend our “recovery programme” until the nails showed enough improvement to move them onto something else.

If you suffer from any problems with your nails, give us a call and we will be glad to help find the solution.

Everyone deserves lovely nails; we can give them to you!