Your Choice – Our Knowledge

Bodylines can offer you a vast choice of hand and foot treatments that we can customise to suit your needs. By answering the following 3 questions, we can help you choose the correct treatment for you.

This is how you build your treatment.

  1. Do you need added length?
  2. Do you want to add Colour?
  3. Do you want to add a pamper?

If you need added length, we will use our knowledge to decide on the best system for you out of

  • Liquid and Powder (Acrylic)
  • Brisa (Hard gel)
  • Brisa-Lite (Soft AGel)

If you do not need added length, you can move onto question 2

If you require colour, depending on your nail type and the commitment that you want to make, we will help you choose from

  • Vinylux- Weekly wear, fashion forward colours
  • CND Shellac- 14 days flawless wear, limitless possibilities.
  • “Art Attack” (embellishment, engraving; embossing).

Lastly, you may decide to add some pamper to your treatment and upgrade to one of the following

  • Classic upgrade- “it’s all about the skin”
  • Luxury upgrade – “facial for the hands”

Check out our full treatment menu for all of your choices in these 3 categories. Not forgetting that it is us that will help you to chose.