We are approaching our 30th Anniversary, and we are very proud to say that we are still the best at what we do! We are of course known for our unique nail skills, but for those of you that have not yet been into our salon & spa, a lot more awaits you.

Bodylines was the first salon of its kind to offer hair, beauty & nails all under one roof and we have seen what we had started all those years ago, become the norm in the beauty industry.


However, our salon is still unique in offering you:



We promise you that not only can we offer you an unrivaled choice of services, but better than that our highly educated team will help you choose! If your hairdresser could only offer you a choice of blonde, red or black hair, how would you feel? Disappointed? Underwelmed? Let down?


Why should you only be offered a choice of “pink & white acrylics” or a manicure? Why would you want to leave the salon with exactly the same nails as every other client?

Also consider…

A CHOICE of atmosphere…

The nail area is close to reception and is a social gathering in the making. The hair area is upstairs which makes it unusually discreet. After all, who wants to be seen with colour on their hair! The spa pedicure room is a spa environment with mood inducing music for a time for relaxation and calm, however, if 3 of you want to have your feet treated at the same time eg. Hen party, then it takes on more of a social atmosphere! Our 4 spa beauty rooms are all private and we can provide facial and eye treatments, body treatments and waxing within these rooms. The spray tanning room is on the 2nd floor and is completely private with changing area.

 A CHOICE of staff…

As a business, we pride ourselves on the progression of all of the team members over the last 25yrs. Some of our team arrive with us already qualified to NVQ level 3 qualifications. Some have started as Saturday staff. We are very proud of our in house Academy and mentor programme. Our ability to pick passionate driven team members has meant that every person that comes through our business progresses with their career to a very high standard. Please view our Bodylines family tree to see our history. We can offer you 4 levels of qualification within our team. Please view our team info for more details.

 A CHOICE of Treatment…

Our initial consultations are to determine, among other things, the level of commitment that you are able to give to your nail treatments. Much like when you go to have your hair done, the more experienced hairdresser will ask you questions about how much time and money you are able to commit to. At Bodylines, there is no such thing as “a set of nails”. There are as many choices for natural nails in our service menu as there are for enhanced nails.

Please see our page on Enhanced Nails and Natural Nail Treats for more details.